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Big Blue Marble Academy

VisionAire's Solution

The Big Blue Marble Academy is a early childhood learning collective, with over 40 locations located throughout the south east, was feeling the lingering effects of the Covid pandemic as parents were slow to send the children back to school. Once the leadership team was shown the effectiveness and affordability of air purification they made the call to start with the lowest enrollment locations 1st. Just in the 2021 year alone, we were able to install over 90 units to bring in extra protection and security to bring enrollments up and provide a peace of mind to parents and staff alike. Outside of the virus protection aspect, the facilities were really thrilled with the immediate reduction in unwanted odors and smells associated with the infant and toddler areas.

SC Department Of Corrections

VisionAire's Solution

Several months into the Covid pandemic, the leadership at the Department of Corrections knew that quick action would be necessary to minimize the effects of the virus in their prison population. VisionAire Solutions met with the leadership team and discussed several options before deciding on a bi-polar ionization unit combined with photo-hydro ionization cell to provide the best possible coverage and treatment of the inmate living dorms. VisionAire Solutions was able to complete all 22 locations in a 16 week period and by making necessary field adjustments, we were able to come in under budget as well.

SC Governor's Mansion

VisionAire's Solution

The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, was diagnosed with the Covid virus in December of 2020. The Department of Administration made a swift & immediate decision, based on the success of the Department of Corrections, to install the exact same technology in the Governor’s Mansion. We were able to provide and install the products immediately, reducing the risk of spreading the virus to his family and staff.

YMCA - Newberry, SC

VisionAire's Solution

The leadership team and staff were spending multiple hours and resources trying to keep the facility as clean and sanitary as possible. Once introduced to the benefits of high quality air purification, the decision was made to add air purification in the highest traffic areas like the weight room, cardio room, and most importantly the nursery and child care areas. The choice was made to use the induct system to provide complete treatment of every cubic inch of conditioned air. The members expressed their gratitude and approval of the decision immediately!

Preschool with air purification

St. Michael and All Angels' Early Learning Center

VisionAire's Solution

The St. Michael and All Angels’ Early Learning Center is a church based childhood learning center located in Columbia, SC.  Every time a child came in sick, it quickly spread throughout the facility affecting staff and students alike! We were able to come in a provide demonstrator units, at no charge, to allow the director and her team to SEE how effective air purification can be. Once the demonstrator units were picked up, the school moved forward with a complete HVAC installed solution. There were 3 different styles of units (Ducted HVAC, Packaged Terminal A/C, and commercial grade A/C) that we were able to install solutions for and they were maintenance free for the staff and out of sight and grasp of the children. **UPDATE** – 6/10/2022 – The School had 2 children attend Covid positive and NOT ONE other child or staff became sick!

Fairfield County - School District

VisionAire's Solution

After receiving funds from the a county grant, the Fairfield County school facilities maintenance director was looking for a permanent solution for air purification for the entire district. Once a product was chosen, the project was put out to bid. Our team was able to secure the bid, providing the requested products on time and providing the necessary labor to install the chosen products. We were able to complete an entire district install in 8 days! We were proud to accomplish this task and provide quality services to Fairfield County and their school district!

Carolina West Clinic

VisionAire's Solution

Carolina West Clinic immediately recognized the value in having high quality air purification products installed throughout his office. When the pandemic was in full swing Dr. Verch could not close his doors, so he took the extra steps to protect his staff and patients alike. When you count on every member of your staff, you have to have everyone healthy and working! We were able to provide Dr. Verch with a solution and timely install to ensure no downtime or lost client appointments. 

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