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Complete line of portable air purifiers

VisionAire Solutions

When it comes to portable air purifiers, we have you covered! Our smallest portable unit covers approximately 50 sq. ft. and our largest portable unit covers 10,000 sq. ft. From bedrooms to dorm rooms our units out perform those from the big box stores. We provide operational instructions and maintenance plans to ensure our portable air purifier is performing as designed.  Our portable options also allows you to take your clean air with you when you travel. Great for campers, condos, hotel rooms, and more! We can even treat your vehicle while you drive!

Price range – $100 – $2,000

Induct air purification

Residential or Commercial

Are you more interested in treating every cubic inch of conditioned space in your home? Do you have a large office space that needs to be sanitized 24/7? We provide a wide range of HVAC mounted air purifiers that turn your existing HVAC system into a whole home or business air purification system. We design our systems based on the total cubic feet of air that will need to be treated and this provides you with the peace of mind that your system is designed and engineered to provide the disinfection and sanitization that your space requires. Our systems are ZERO maintenance and provide worry-free treatment for up to 18 months. With every location different, our onsite consultation is key in choosing the right solution for you!

Price range – $800 up (Typical installation – 1 purifier per system)

duct sanitization - Spot treatment

One Time Treatment

Our larger commercial grade equipment allows us to offer duct sanitization and specific area treatment.

  • Room sanitization
  • Smoke remediation
  • Duct Sanitization (1 hour – $399)
  • Mold/Mildew smells
  • Pet Odors 

Rentals start at $150/day 

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