Air Quality Meter

Air Testing Equipment
Air Testing Meter

Collect many airborne particles like plant debris, soot, mold spores, pollen, insect parts as well as fiberglass, carpet fibers, and much more.

  • Mold
  • Gaseous pollutants
  • TVOC
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

IAQ Analytics and Reporting

Visionaire Solutions has partnered with PriorityLab. They are a full-service environmental analytical laboratory, specializing in mold analysis, servicing home inspectors and mold testing professionals nationwide. The laboratory is headed by Dr. John Shane, Ph.D. mycologist and nationally recognized indoor air quality expert. The laboratory offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry on all visual mold and air samples. 

PriorityLab is unique and distinguished by offering the Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee, the only mold warranty in the country. The Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee covers up to $3,000 for remediation of any visible mold for 90 days after an inspection when the inspection report indicates no visible mold or problematic mold counts in the air.

The PriorityLab Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee offers the long-sought-after assurance by home and mold inspectors that home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents can rely on to ensure they are getting a problem-free property.

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless and invisible radioactive gas naturally released from rocks, soil, and water. In outdoor environments, radon levels are very low and generally not considered harmful. Radon can get into homes or buildings through small cracks or holes and build up to higher levels. Over time, breathing in high radon levels can cause lung cancer. 

Our meter is set up and monitors the location for 48 hours and provides an update to the cloud every 10 minutes for immediate access via the internet.

Our meter meets all guidelines and is certified by the NRPP. (National Radon Proficiency Program)  

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