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Air & Water


Water Filtration

Our Origin by Aerus water filtration systems are engineered to eliminate pollutants, toxins, and unpleasant smells from your main water supply. Our team has completed rigorous training and we are equipped with the most innovative water filtration systems on the market. VisionAire Solutions offers free in-home water quality testing in your home to get a baseline. Once we understand what contaminants and pollutants are in your water supply, we craft a water treatment plan specifically for your home or business.

Water Softeners

Say goodbye to the irritations of limescale buildup, dry skin, and dull hair, and welcome to the silky-smooth pleasure of perfectly balanced water. Hard water stains and contaminants can cause a wide array of frustrating side effects to your body or your home’s fixtures. Our team offers 100% free full water hardness evaluations so that we can get to the bottom of your problem. Once we have identified your water supply’s key issues, our team will create an itemized quote explaining how we will completely remedy the situation.

Air Purification

VisionAire Solutions at its core is a complete resource for wellness within your home. A huge role in that is your home’s air quality. Just like anything else, there is a wide range of “solutions” for your home’s air pollutions; however, many of these are actually not even remotely doing the job effectively. Which begs the question – who wants a half solution? Our team at VisionAire offers top of the line air purification systems engineered to truly improve your air quality. To learn more about our innovative air purifiers, reach out today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Don’t let a clogged dryer vent put your property at risk of fire or reduce the efficiency of your equipment. Our devoted team of specialists is here to guarantee that your dryer vent is clean, clear, and performing optimally. We use industry-leading equipment and procedures to properly remove accumulated lint, dirt, and other obstructions, lowering the danger of fire and enhancing dryer performance. Our team is also fully certified by the leading dryer vent cleaning institute in the United States. We’re here to make a difference.

Air Duct Cleaning

A major part of maintaining the air quality in your home is maintaining your air ducts within the home. These ducts are responsible for circulating your home’s air supply throughout the home and either heating or cooling the space. During this process, pollutants, dead skin cells, dirt, etc. are all being circulated through the ducts which causes build up. As you can imagine, it’s tough to maintain a high level of air quality with dirty ducts. Our team at VisionAire Solutions offers premium duct cleaning services without cutting any corners.

Air Quality Testing

A preliminary step in evaluating a property’s air quality is our in depth air quality test. Our team will visit your home or property and take air samples from several areas. Based on the results of our testing, we will create what we call a “Clean Air Plan” specifically for your home. This may include services such as air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, in-duct air purifiers, floor model air purifiers, or some of our other offerings. Our goal at VisionAire is to help you create a clean, safe, and relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy.

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About Chad Shealy - Founder
VisionAire Solutions

I’m Chad Shealy, owner of VisionAire Solutions! I currently hold several certifications that separate me from the competition. After working in HVAC for 20 years, I decided to get my State Mechanical License. I also completed the HVAC certificate program at Midlands Tech and received my Universal Refrigeration Card. From there I enrolled in the Air Systems Cleaning Specialist with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and completed that training in March of 2023. My most recent education came in the world of water! I attended a training provided by Aerus Water and Air Purification and I can now test water for homeowners with well or city water. Next up… Radon certification! Helping families live safely and comfortably in their homes is my mission!

Family Owned & Operated

I have been married to my wife, Jessie, approaching 20 years! She is, hands down, the very reason for my business! She has always been my rock!! Ever encouraging and supporting me in any endeavor. With her belief in me, I can conquer any obstacle. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Alana, 19 and Allie Grace, 17. They both are wonderful young adults who never cease to amaze me with their talents and skills. Alana is a state champion cheerleader, gymnast, and sports fanatic, while Allie Grace is the most creative, kind, loving and caring teenager I know. They are my heart! We love to travel and spend time together. From fishing, Clemson football, Edisto Beach, and the weekends on the lake, we are tight knit and enjoy being together. I love playing golf, hunting and reading. VisionAire Solutions is proud to be a family oriented business.

A Bigger Purpose

I am a Christ follower and try to emulate his example everyday. Though I fall short, I am reassured by God that his grace and forgiveness are enough! I love to serve my brothers in Christ through a bi-annual retreat, One Year to Live. I’m also involved in several local charities. Since starting VisionAire Solutions I have continued to see God’s faithfulness on my family and I’s journey. VisionAire was launched during the pandemic which was certainly a difficult time to quit my job to start a new business, but it has worked out in more ways than I could have ever imagined. My mission at VisionAire is to help homeowners and property owners protect their loved ones with our products. Outside of that, I am also given more opportunities for networking and fellowship than I could have ever imagined when I was first thinking about starting my business.

Locally Owned & Operated

VisionAire Solutions is owned and operated right here in Columbia, SC. As a family owned business, we prioritize relationships over our personal gain.

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